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In the year of 2016, financial technologies advanced rapidly, and the hot words of big data, cloud computing, block chain, payment, robo-advisor  once became street talk of civilians. With the coming of the new year of 2017, financial technologies will bring the following changes:


Sustainable innovation for big data and cloud computing

In the year of 2016, nearly 40% companies were developing or extending their big data technology applications, 30% companies were planning to apply the big data technologies in the future 12 months. The emergence and development of new generation of technologies, and the change brought by data-driven decision making, are stimulating the market demand for big data and analysis technology services. Many enterprises are making digital and intelligent transformation, while the big datatechnologies will be the important part for industry competition. As for cloud computing, dramatic market rise will make it bring better service experience to customers, and at the same time, make it become new generation of commercial infrastructure. In the year of 2017, the cloud computing manufacturers are more likely to develop fierce market competition, focusing on service nodes, price advantages, and updating technical products and services.


Blockchain remains hot

One of the biggest problems for digital currency flow is the issue of “double pay”. Many financial institutions have seen the values of block chain, through which they could continue to automate their services and allow their customers to make digital transaction more extensively. From the year of 2017, there will be great demands for the financial technology companies that develop increasingly complicated block chain software. At the same time, block chain technologies will also effectively improve the regulatory means of our country. With the current pace of the expansion of the digital payment technologies and banks, securities for the daily transaction of billions of dollars will become a challenge. There will be increasing demands for the financial technology companies that are able to develop stable and high-security financial software. Therefore, promoting the security for high-tech finance will be the great trend for the year of 2017.


Mobile payment becomes the mainstream

Mobile payment is not the new technological means any more. However, many financial entrepreneurial firms improve efficiency by reducing the procedures for the mobile payment , banking services, and global capital transfer, and strengthening innovative dynamics of the mobile payment. So, the mobile payment technology still have great prospects.









40+ Industry Leading experts from Global share their insights and presentation Authoritative organizations will be supported and endorsed. The topics will be more Internationalization and forward-looking.



Deep discussion in development and integration of cloud computing, big data, intelligence, Robert-advisor, Internet of things application, such as The establishment and application of IaaS, PaaS, SaaS platform, Cloud
disaster preparedness and data protection.



Technology providers, BAT, Research Institutes, Open Source Vendors,End Users to share their experience and practice.



Core Technology of Cloud Computing & Big Data Seminar, Practice of Cloud Computing, Platform, Internet Finance and Blockchain seminar Forex and Commodities Investments Focus.




Who will take part in


Conference Registration
Seminar 1 : Cloud Computing & Big Data
Luncheon Networking and Exhibition Visiting
Seminar 1 : Big Data and Data Center Rebuilding
Trading Awards Ceremony & Gala Dinner (VIP)
Online Trading EXPO

Award Ceremony



'2nd China Financial Trading Technology Congress' Awards Ceremony

Demonstrate the vitality and innovation of China's Fintech industry


 The Purpose of the Evant

Selection of those outstanding enterprises in the industry, Promoting the Sustainable Development of China Fintech by Expediting Technological and Institutional Innovation

Application and selection process

1 please fill out the application (you can get application form from our stuff) for the award (indicating the Application Award and the innovative features of the product / Technology)
2 please submit the application form to the  before February 5th,2017  
3 Our Committee will hold the independence, justice and the principle of confidentiality of all the application materials for screening and evaluation between 6th Februrary to 21st March
4 The Awards will be announced by 7th April in  Awards Ceremony


The List of Awards


The Interpretation 

Organizing committee has the ultimate power of interpretation.Any others shall not prohibited use any relevant information


Deadline of Application

   20th March 2017

If you have any questions, please contact Mr.Shen 15921795284, or send email to   

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